Upholding Health Standards

At Western Waste Management, safety is our top priority through every stage of every project. Our team is trained and equipped to the highest standards of Health and Safety Regulations to handle asbestos, mould, lead, and other materials that may be a danger in your environment.

Asbestos abatement and mould abatement is meticulous work and our Safe Job Procedures and Practices pay attention to the details.

Our site assessment includes inspection and air monitoring from an independent environmental consultant. We use that appraisal to establish the extent of abatement required, and a viable budget and work back schedule. We shut down the HVAC system, prepare enclosures and establish our working perimeter and negative pressure. All furniture and office supplies are removed and/or sheltered. We remove or contain the asbestos safely, quickly and efficiently to a level of cleanliness that would surprise you. Customers have said they could eat off the boilers! Our WWM disposal policies are in strict accordance with governmental regulations and are always supervised by an experienced senior member of our team. Another inspection by the consultant ensures air quality is acceptable and then we remove every shred of evidence that we were there. In fact, when you choose Western Waste Management, it’s like your clean environment was there all along.

We are steadfast in the protection of our employees too. Our staff is fully equipped with top of the line protective clothing and equipment, including cutting-edge negative air machines and HEPA filter vacuums. All of our employee training and certification, protective gear and equipment meets or exceeds industry regulations.

Well–deserved benefits and wages are provided to our team members above the industry pay scale, so our crew can count on us as we can count on them. WWM is committed to healthy environments and safe communities for everyone.

We are an industry leader, achieving the highest safety designation available to contractors, COR Certification. We pride ourselves in being a good Corporate Citizen and pioneer for change in Safe Work Practices and Procedures. Some examples of our Safety and Incident Prevention Program include:

  • A Western Waste Management Safety Coordinator
  • A Safety & Health Committees
  • Clearly defined Safety Policies
  • Worker Representation on all Jobsites
  • Management Commitment for ongoing safety training for our team
  • A state-of-the-art Safety Training Centre
  • Specialized Personal Protective Equipment is company supplied

Our workers understand and follow our Safety Program, and safety legislation. Our Program also involves training in safe work practices, in the use and maintenance of protective equipment, and a system of safety records, reports and investigations.

Proud member of the
Winnipeg Construction Association

The Certificate of Recognition Program (CORâ„¢) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.



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