Maintaining the highest possible standard of environmental protection

Western Waste Management is pleased to advise our customers that we carry a $5,000,000 limit on an Occurrence form for Commercial General Liability and Contractors Pollution Liability.

We are aware that a number of our competitors have purchased a less expensive “claims-made” policy or worse yet, do not carry any form of Contractors Pollution Liability coverage at all. A Commercial General Liability policy alone will not suffice as the majority of Commercial General Liability policies contain pollution (asbestos/mould) exclusions. Claims-made policies must be active when the claim is reported in order to trigger coverage. In other words, any claim filed after a claims-made policy expires will not be covered, even if the incident in question took place while the policy was active. In addition, the policy limit in place when the policy is purchased remain the single set of limits available from all claims that could arise during the years the policy is continually in force.

Occurrence policies only need to be active when the incident in question occurs to trigger coverage, regardless of when its reported. In other words, any claim filed after an occurrence policy expires will still be covered as long as the actual incident took place during the policy term. In addition, the policy limits “restore” each year so that claims paid for incidents arising from one policy year do not deplete limits available to cover claims from other years.

Western Waste Management provides quality specialized services, while maintaining the highest possible standard of environmental protection to ensure the safety of our customers. At the same time, customers need to protect themselves – their investment and reputation – against any allegations of negligence arising from pollution or environmental exposures from hiring substandard contractors.

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