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Building Healthy Relationships

Asbestos abatement and mould abatement is serious business. So are our deadlines, finances and customer service. Our thorough site assessments ensure all projects run on schedule, on budget, and on target.

Waste removal is the first phase of every renovation or demolition project, and everyone depends on our ability to get in and get out.

After 25 years in the business, architects, engineers, and contractors come to us for our steadfast ability to meet their deadlines.

We prefer to do asbestos abatement and mould abatement while your business is shut down, but we are able to perform even maximum precaution projects while you remain operational. Our detailed safety policies, cleanup procedures and discretion allow you to conduct business as always.

Western Waste Management is proud to offer 24-hour service, seven days a week. Your safe and healthy environment is always important to us, no matter when you call.

Our Projects

Western Waste Management takes on abatement projects of all levels and scopes, across all industries. Our practices and policies are more stringent than industry regulations. Contractors, architects and engineers trust and appreciate our ability to deliver a healthy environment on time, and on budget. We are confident in the service we provide and we want you to be too.



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